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Apple Repairs

When any of your good Apples go bad, bring them to trusted Apple Mac repair specialists. We have over a decade of experience in working with everything Apple.

We understand that you need your Apple devices to work all the time for you and that downtime needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. We are a mobile service and we will respond to and be at your premises within twelve hours of your initial communication with us. Problems with Apple Mac devices can be broken down into two categories and after a diagnosis, we will be able to advise you if your issue is software or hardware related. Sometimes it is both too.

1) Software:

The majority of issues that we see with Apple devices are software related and these are relatively easy to fix. We always start with backing up your device before we start working on it and we do this even if you have your own backup. This ensures that all your precious content is on hand should we need it. Should your device not boot up, we will be able to access your data and recover it provided that you have the relevant passwords on hand. We will be able to restore all of your precious data back onto your device and be back up and running in no time.

2) Hardware:

There are three main components in a computer that are important to identify:

The logic or mother board - This is the ‘brain’ and is undeniably the most critical element of the computer. It controls the power, graphics amongst many others. Some signs of a damaged board are a totally non-responsive machine, distorted graphics, overheating and sudden shutdowns. We can either repair or replace the board for you.

The hard drive - This part of the computer contains all your data as well as your operating system. It is important that the filing structure, as well as the actual physical integrity of the hard drive, is all in order. We can either repair, replace or upgrade the hard drive in order to give you more space. All of these options are most often a far more economical option than replacing the entire device.

The display - We can either repair or replace the display depending on what is required. Again, these options are most often a far more economical option than replacing the entire device.