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Device Set Up

We know how exciting it is to buy or receive Apple Mac products and how tempting it can be to get them out of that box and get going with them right away...

We believe in setting up a new Apple device right and from the start. Time and again we see that if this is done correctly from the beginning, everything works exactly as it should-seamlessly…

We believe that the incorrect set up of either a new Apple device or the transfer of information from either a PC or another such device, stems from a lack of understanding of how so many of Apple’s services, applications and functions work.

Take iCloud for example, it does so many things and here are some examples:

It synchronises calendar, contacts, reminders, messages, Safari bookmarks, keychain passwords and many more. It keeps all of your photographs in the cloud and synchronised across all of your Apple devices. It stores selected folders and documents in the iCloud drive. This is the equivalent of Dropbox. It’s essential to be able to understand how all of this works to make it work for you. Not only do we set this up correctly but we will also coach you on how to use it.

Should you have a new MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, we will transfer the data from your previous Mac or PC and make sure that everything comes across the way it should. Perfectly.

Should you have a new iPhone, iPad or iPod, we will transfer all of your stuff from your previous Apple device. If you have a non-Apple device with your precious data on it, we will migrate it all over perfectly for you.

Once we have set up your new Apple device beautifully, we would love to coach you on how to get comfortable and start loving it right away.

All of this in the comfort of your own home, school or office.