Mac Repairs Northern Suburbs

Mac Repairs Northern Suburbs

Mac Repairs Northern Suburbs all began in 2009 with a phone call from one my oldest friends in Cape Town. He informed me that he had just bought a Mac for himself and, not only was it was one the best things he had ever purchased, but also that he had told his wife that he would not work on her computer any longer unless she too bought a Mac.

As I’ve always had a high regard for his idea of quality, simplicity and reliability and, as my old PC had just died again-I thought I would get myself a Mac. I had worked with PCs on another business of mine for about 10 years and one of the first things that astounded me, was how simple, beautiful and intuitive the Mac layout was.

I often used to think that there were things missing-I was used to the complexity of Windows. The Mac was alluring-It beckoned me to use it more and more. After a few years, I realised that I would be spending many hours on a small setting until I got it just as I wanted it. I also realised that in Knysna there was no one who could help me any longer.

We have since grown to cover more areas and we now offer mac repairs in Northern Suburbs Cape Town.

List of suburbs that are covered by us - Northern Suburbs Cape Town:

Durbanville, Edgemead, Milnerton, Monte Vista, Plattekloof