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APC UPS Solutions

From 325 VA to 20 000 VA, we have you covered…

A superior quality UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a lot more than just a big battery that takes over when we have load shedding and subsequent power surges that can occur when power is returned.

Typically a home, business or school UPS is purchased for computer, network and other electronic equipment in order to protect them from power failures and power surges. A really good one will do a lot more than that.

Here is a list of essential functions that our high quality APC UPS devices will do for your valuable computer and related electronic equipment.

  1. They will continue to power your computer and other devices for a period of time when the mains fails or when load shedding occurs.
  2. Once the UPS battery reaches a certain minimum level it will gracefully shut the computers down. This is essential if you have desktop computers.
  3. They will effectively smooth out power fluctuations.
  4. They will also protect your router and other computer equipment from over voltage from Eskom when power returns or from an unstable generator supply.


We supply and fit the APC brand only which is the best that we have found to date. The APC brand is the only UPS recommended by Apple and other major computer manufacturers and we have only had one comeback since we began selling and installing them in 2015. The only problem with the unit was that the battery needed replacing after four years of continuous use.

The APC brand features very often at the top of the list of various international UPS review sites and APC have been in operation since 1981. An outstandingly superior product. APC is the only UPS that we use in our own homes and businesses.

It is important to note that we have seen many inferior UPS devices in the field that offer little to no protection for your devices. We believe that, as always, you get what you pay for and we do not do the cheap and nasty ones. These cheaper options may appear to provide a solution, but we feel that their specifications do not match that of the APC UPS brand in terms of capability, reliability, build quality, longevity or back up run time.

Load shedding, generators and protection

We have seen a fairly significant amount of damage over the last few weeks of load shedding and we believe that our UPS devices are absolutely essential to protect expensive and sensitive computer equipment. This damage includes blown computer hard drives and consequent data loss, damaged routers, network equipment, logic boards and servers.

Please bear in mind that using a generator as an alternative power source has two severe drawbacks:

  1. There is often a switch over time where there is a complete loss of power. This can be extremely damaging to sensitive electronic equipment.
  2. A generator power supply tends to have an uneven and unstable delivery. This can also be very harmful to sensitive electronic equipment.

An APC UPS will solve both of these problems by ensuring there is no loss of power in the switch over phase as well ensuring a stable electricity supply all the time.

Technical advice, shipping and installation

Please feel free to call us for advice and technical information as we would very much like to help you further in protecting your devices. We believe that load shedding will be very much with us for the foreseeable future.

Should you be technically inclined and feel comfortable with installing yourself, we would be happy to deliver or ship to you wherever you are in South Africa.

We do recommend that we do a site visit in order to asses exactly what your requirements are. We gather a comprehensive list of all the devices that you would like to run off the UPS and we check all of their technical specifications and relative power consumptions. This enables us to determine the type of device or devices that you would require as well as the run times of back up power that you will achieve. We feel that doing it in this way is the only way to accurately provide you with exactly what you need.

Complete range and price list

A complete list of all of our APC range and pricing can be found here in a downloadable PDF format: